bâton de sauge blanche purification
bâton de sauge blanche purification
bâton de sauge blanche purification

White sage Salvia Apiana - Purification of stones & places of life

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If you need to renew the energies of your home or purify it from an air cluttered with bacteria or pollution, white sage could become your best ally.

white sage purifies and cleans your interior and your stones. This high quality incense is a very powerful purifier. It is very famous for being a natural antiseptic that purifies the air and cleans harmful bacteria for 24 hours.

Hand-pinched and carefully tied into a stick with a cotton thread, it is harvested in a sustainable and artisanal way.

Its uses

. Purify and cleanse your objects of their accumulated energies (crystals, stones, jewellery, bracelets, contours of the bed, furniture...)

. Harmonize the energies of your interior after a restless night, an argument, a feeling of unease. Pass your smoky sage stick in the rooms concerned then ventilate your windows.

How to use

1- Light the end of the stick until you get a strong enough flame then turn it off.

2- A white smoke will appear and it is a sign that you can spread it on the desired object or room.

3- Direct the smoke and once finished, put your stick in a receptacle capable of withstanding the heat.

4 - Repeat the operation at least 24 hours apart.