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pointe obsidienne noire lithothérapie

Black Obsidian Point - Magic Mirror & Liberation

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Black Obsidian is a stone formed by volcanic lava with powerful and protective properties. Considered as a magic mirror, it helps to see into the depths of oneself to resolve psychic and emotional blockages. She brings out our dark memories in us to help us see them and free ourselves from them.

Use obsidian to help bring out your deep, grounded memories to let them dissolve and you feel lighter.

Obsidian is a stone that requires courage and an intention to want to see what until now has been difficult for us to admit or feel.

As a peak, you can direct your intention and the energy of the stone to your belly button or to the pelvis to help the energy consciously flow back to you.


Point-shaped natural stones

7-8cm tall

+/- 56g

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Melodie Jolivet

Pointe Obsidienne Noire - Miroir Magique & Libération