bougie aux pierres naturelles calcite bleue et sodalite parfumée à la fleur de coton

"Infinite Clarity" Candle - Oud Wood

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Take advantage of this offer to discover "Infinite Clarté" in a 60ml container.

"Be fully present in the moment to connect with your creative power"

When our minds and thoughts are confused, we wish we had the power to see things through. Its stones help to abide concentrate and to be more present here and now for design, organize and act in any area of your life. They promote the emergence of new ideas, from new solutions and illuminate your path to take the "right" path.

The Sodalite - cerebral stimulation stone, it organizes and orders our ideas like in a library and classifies our emotions to return to emotional and mental clarity.

Blue Calcite - brings an energy of structuring and learning and allows our energy to flow well to plan, organize our mind and improve our creativity.

Oud Wood Perfume
At the same time woody, oriental and amber, the notes of Oud deliver a delicious, powerful and mysterious fragrance; to divine essences capable of purifying our body and clarifying our mind.

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Les petits mots et attention particulière de Lucie sont toujours un enchantement pour les yeux et le nez. La bougie diffuse un doux parfum à l'ouverture et les pierres sont très jolies. Le parfum s'intensifie lorsque l'on l'allume et apporte sa chaleur et sa douceur. Merci