bougie lithothérapie pierre de lune rituel de lune féminin sacré
grenat quartz rose pierre de lune féminin sacré sororité amour de soi confiance en soi
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bougie lithothérapie précieuse rituel de lune
bougie-cristaux pierre de lune-grenat-quartz rose-parfum rose Bois de rose-rituel féminin-féminin sacré-féminin sacralisé

Candle "Female Choir" - Moonstone, Garnet, Pink & Rose Quartz, Rosewood

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"Revealing the Sacred Feminine"

The Sacred Feminine re-empowers gentleness and assertiveness through Yin energy, characteristic of the Sacred Feminine.  Yin energy is present in all of us. She is recognizable in the expression and manifestation of innate maternal qualities such as love, empathy and patience. It is also the essence of creativity in its purest definition, that of giving "life". It brings courage, intuition and adaptation.

moon stone : Archetype of feminine Yin, this stone restores emotional balance and connects us to our patience and tolerance. It promotes dreams, intuition and self-knowledge.

red garnet : Rekindles our strength and passion, helps to go beyond the mind and strengthens the innate creative power. It is the seed of life.

Quartz Rose : awakens our compassion, our kindness and our natural and protective love.

Perfume Rose Rosewood

Floral, fresh, and woody, this scent will reconnect you to your sweetness, patience, and life force.


Hand poured - 100% natural - Soy rapeseed wax - braided cotton wick - Grasse fragrance without CMR, Phthalates and animal materials

Indicative combustion time which may vary: 

60ml +/- 15h

120ml +/-28h

180ml +/-40h

500ml +/- 100h

The candles are poured upon receipt of your order, allow 2 to 5 days for dispatch.

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L'odeur, la présentation tout est très agréable. La bougie est très bien protéger et l'envoi est rapide. Merci


Cette bougie en plus d'être magnifiquement présentée et protéger lors de son envoi as uen odeur douce, apaisante. Les pierres qui l'accompagne ne la rende que plus belle et apaisante encore. Merci

Très satisfaite

Les bougies sont très soignées, tout comme l’envoi.
Merci beaucoup